Precautions for screw conveyor installation

2020-08-24 1093

  Mastering the correct installation steps of screw conveyor can effectively reduce the manpower and material resources needed during installation, and ensure the safe and stable operation of screw conveyor after installation. The installation of screw conveyor mainly needs to pay attention to the installation of casing, suspension bearing, screw blade shaft and transmission device.

  Installation of casing:

  1. The center position deviation of screw conveyor shall not be greater than 5mm.

  2. The levelness shall be 0.3mm/m, but the total length shall not be greater than 5mm.


  3. The straightness of the casing is 5mm.

  4. The center elevation deviation shall not be greater than 5mm.

  5. All joints shall be tight without ash leakage.

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