Maintenance points of shaftless screw conveyor

2020-08-24 1124

  1、 Routine maintenance of shaftless screw conveyor

  1. Weekly inspection

  (1) Check whether the electrical circuit of the equipment is normal.

  (2) Check whether the running state of the equipment is stable and whether there is abnormal noise.

  2、 Monthly inspection of shaftless screw conveyor

  (1) Check the outside and inside of the screw conveyor and clear the slag in the U-shaped groove.

  (2) Check the screw for damage (visual inspection) and axial elongation due to fatigue. When the safety clearance between the screw tail end and the U-groove end is less than 20 mm, it should be adjusted and locked by the nut on the top of the transmission shaft; when the adjustment amount is not enough or there is no adjustment mechanism, the redundant screw tail end after elongation can be cut off to ensure the safety clearance. In order to ensure smooth operation, the cut screw tail must be rounded as it is.

  (3) Check the wear of the liner. When the wear is greater than 5mm, the liner must be replaced, and the screw is not allowed to directly contact with the U-groove.

  (4) Check whether the equipment runs smoothly and whether there is abnormal noise.

  (5) Grease the bearing seat of drive shaft with grease gun once.

  3、 Half year inspection of shaftless screw conveyor

  (1) Check whether all bolts are loose and tighten them immediately.

  (2) Check the oil level and oil color of the gearbox. If the oil is insufficient, add oil immediately.

  (3) Check the axial elongation of the screw due to fatigue.

  (4) Check the wear of the liner.

  (5) Check the electronic control system and safety device.

  (6) In case of abnormal wear and tear, the equipment shall be repaired immediately.

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